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We value our patients' experience at C & R Family Chiropractic Center. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Ryan Sorrell
Your Grand Rapids Chiropractor

When I first met Dr. Sorrell, my back pain was so acute that I could not sit, stand, or lay down without pain. I could not mow my grass or shovel my walk. I was a mess. After a few visits I was feeling better, but then, I went to Belize on a working mission trip. On the very first day of work I was lifting some metal roofing and I felt something pop on my right side. For the rest of that week I was in perpetual pain.
After arriving back in the states, I immediately went back to see Dr. Sorrell(not my medical doctor). He began working with me twice a week. I can now mow my yard, snow blow my driveway, operate a snow shovel, and enjoy many of the things that I had given up because of chronic back pain. (I even do karate twice a week).
I never thought much of chiropractors. I had always heard that they were quacks. But thanks to my desperation, and the skills of Dr.Sorrell, I have done a 180 degree turn about in my thinking. Thank you Dr. Sorrell!!!

-Rev. Dan Averill

I had breast cancer with reconstruction in 2002. My body makes an extreme amount of scar tissue and I have had 4 surgeries to remove the scar tissue. I have tried different therapies to try to lesson or stretch the scar so I could have relief from the tightness in my back and arms. Dr. Sorrell has used trigger point therapy along with gentle manipulation to relax the muscles in my back and arms. It has been wonderfull!! I now have relief from pain in sections of my back. Of all the treatments, Dr. Sorrell's techniques have had the most effective results without surgery.

-Cathy Booth

I was suffering from headaches almost every day. I tried pills and homeopathic remedies without success.
I Started going to Dr. Sorrell. Within two months, my headaches have decreased by 90% at this time.
I walk around with greater freedom. My outlook on life is much brighter.
Thank you Dr. Sorrell

-Bill Streeter

I have always thought of migraines and back problems when I hear the word chiropractor. I found out that to my surprise, my breathing and asthma were also better after Dr. Ryan Sorrell adjusted me.
I have always had uneven hips and shoulders. A car accident in 1983 left me with neck and back problems from "whiplash". In 1986, I slipped in a locker room and had compression fractures of 3 vertebrae.
For years I have known that chiropractors could relieve pain through manipulation; improved breathing is a bonus for me!!

-Deb Walworth

I was in a very serious car accident October of 2004. I visited an MD & Neurologist for almost a year and had very little improvement even w/ physical therapy.When Dr. Sorrell opened his practice nearby I stopped in. Within a few weeks I could move my shoulders and neck farther than I had for over a year.
I am now back at the gym, swimming. And I don't have a headache every day.
I recommend trying chiropractic. It works for me.

-Pamela Johnston

I've had a problem with my lower back and upper shoulders and neck, but when I see a chiropractor it relieves the stress and pain. When I keep adjusted and keep in alignment I just feel better all over.
I used to get migraines and went to all kinds of Medical Doctors, even throat and nose specialists, the only thing they could do is put me on all kinds of drugs.
Dr. Sorrell is so very knowledgable in chiropractic and health and he takes time to listen in order to help you and rid you of your sickness.

-Carol Stanton

I drive truck cross country and if it wasn't for chiropractic I could not make it, But you need to eat healthy and I mean no junk food at all. I have seen a chiropractor for 25 years or better. Dr. Sorrell is so very knowledegable he does know a lot about the body and what it takes to make us operate the way our maker designed it to!
We as people do all the damage to our bodies ourselves by not keeping the subluxation totally out of our body and keeping it tuned up once a week or so. Unless you just want to take pill's the rest of your life and have your body shut down. If you take care of your body it will take care of you.
Listen to Dr.Sorrell and do what he says and you will be healthier. I am 51 years old and I feel great!

-Tim Stanton

Before ever using chiropractic care I was very stressed out and had a lot of neck and lower back pain as a result of a car accident. And just being an athlete. I saw a couple different chiropractors before seeing Dr. Sorrell and found that I really liked the way Dr. Sorrell ran his practice. He uses different "new age" methods of chiropractic care and also has great knowledge of other natural ways to live your life. I regurlarly see Dr. Sorrell every 2 weeks and have found that my stress levels have decreased, my pain is gone, and I feel great! Now that I'm training for my marathon I have no worries because i'm in great hands with great chiropractic care from Dr. Sorrell!

-Amy Oostveen

Before I started to see Dr. Sorrell, I was having about 2-3 migraine headaches a week. It affected my way of life because I would sometimes not be able to function because of the pain. Dr. Sorrell told me that a bone in my neck might be putting pressure on my nerve causing headaches. After about a month and a half, I stopped getting headaches. This has really improved my life.
I recommend that anyone who suffer from migraines go see Dr. Sorrell for treatment. It really works!

-Phil Averill

I had no idea chiropractic could help pain in my hands! After years of typing I was sure it would catch up with me, and it did while working in a grocery store deli, and then in school kitchens lifting heavy pans and trays, and food preperation. At home I nearly quit gardening and cooking things that meant any mixing or chopping-even taking wash out of the washing machine and dryer hurt. I used OTC meds, ice and creams for some relief. I had previously had an EMG and X-Rays of my right hand and was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome but no treatment was recommended, so I "lived with it". I thought I would have to quit my job! While seeing Dr. Sorrell for back and neck pain he asked about other painful areas and told him about my hands--i was so used to the pain it never occurred to me to mention it. When he said, "I can do something about that" I didn't believe it! My hands felt better after one adjustment, but I still didn't trust the fact that I could do things and not suffer later with more pain. After a few adjustments I could do whatever I wanted!
Thank you Dr. Sorrell!

-Gerry Goulet

When I was referred to Dr. Sorrell, I had been with pain in my neck from the base of my skull down to the bottom of my shoulder blades.  It kept me from sleeping at night and my range of motion was half what it had been.  The pain was constant for at least 2 months.  I had been to two other chiropractors and had massage therapy regularly.  Both helped temporarily.  I figured I was just getting old and had to live with it. After 2 visits with Dr. Sorrell I was VASTLY improved.  With only 4 weekly visits I had virtually no pain and my range of motion was back to 100%.  I gained back my good night sleep.  I felt like I could do anything.  I continued to go and continued to feel better each visit.  However, I never felt pressure to go if I didn’t feel I needed to.  That was different than the others I had been to.

Dr. Sorrell is knowledgeable, and is able to convey what he’s doing in a way that’s easy to understand.  He is a great listener.  Truly pays attention to what you have to say.  His treatments are gentle but effective.  They include the use of technology that can SHOW you what the problem is and how it improves as you go.  The office is clean, bright, and welcoming.  Kalee is friendly and helpful.  The entire experience is comforting and EXTREMELY beneficial.  No matter what sort of problem you may be having, I recommend a visit to Dr. Sorrell.  He can fix anything!!!!!!!

Sincerely, Lauri J Hart 

I came to Dr. Sorrell following an automobile accident in September of 2007.  A friend referred me and told me that Dr. Sorrell helped her begin to alleviate the terrible headaches she had suffered from for the past 15 years due to an injury.  Since my auto accident in September, I had suffered from severe headaches, short-term conversational memory loss, clicking in my neck, severe left shoulder pain resulting in numbing pain radiating down my left arm and into my hand, and terrible lower back pain.

My medical doctor prescribed a range of medicines from OTC Motrin to prescription Motrin.  I just kept taking the Motrin 800’s, but every six hours I was back to the same pain, so the problem obviously wasn’t being addressed.  Also, my left shoulder pain became so severe I was referred to get an MRI of my left shoulder to make sure I did not have a herniated disc in my neck.  For the radiating numbness in my left arm, my medical doctor prescribed Lyrica, a very powerful nerve medication.  Lyrica is a medicine being prescribed for people who suffer from Fibromyalgia, a chronic disorder of the muscles and related soft tissue with symptoms such as muscle pain and fatigue.  This medicine is not taken lightly.  I refused to take the pills.  I consulted Dr. Sorrell on this medicine.  He informed me of its purpose and I requested to “go chiropractic” and not medical.  Everyone I knew thought I was crazy for not taking the medicine to control my pain. 

Within a week of beginning a chiropractic plan with Dr. Sorrell, my left arm pain had disappeared and I was taking OTC Motrin about twice a week (not every six hours as before.)

I had also been dealing with some other health issues in which Dr. Sorrell helped me address and began transitioning to a gluten-controlled diet.  I had positive changes for the better in alertness, memory, physical well-being, and confidence.  Previous doctors had tried to control these health issues with expensive prescription medication that had no results, except weight gain.

In short, Dr. Sorrell and his staff actively listened to my concerns about my and body and health.  I am feeling healthy and working my way back to being fully healthy with the help of C&R Family Chiropractic Center.

Sincerely, Jennifer Joppie

I have suffered from headaches due to a closed head injury for the past thirteen years.  I went to several doctors, spent one month in the hospital and many trips to U of M Head Pain and Neurological Institute.  I have gone through many different medications with no lasting relief.  I spent many days in bed which kept me from a number of things I enjoy doing, golf, biking, playing with my grandchildren.  At times my headaches have prevented me from working my scheduled hours.  I have always been skeptical of using Chiropractic Therapy.  I guess from lack of knowledge of exactly what they do, or how they do it.  I came to this office to talk to Dr. Sorrell and asked many questions and got many answers.  I also got the correct information about Massage Therapy and how it works together with Chiropractic care.  Now after seeing Dr. Sorrell and having Massage Therapy, I have a minimal amount of headaches.  I am now enjoying all the activities that I enjoy.  My energy level has increased, which has led to a more active life and an increase in my level of exercise.

If you or anyone you know suffers from headaches, please tell them about the program that Dr. Sorrell’s office has.  I don’t think you will be disappointed.


Thank you, Dr. Sorrell

My infant son Chase was a very crabby baby since birth.  At 2 ½ month I took him here~ he was to the point of not sitting in his car seat without screaming.  After just one visit he would ride without crying and even fall asleep while in there.  Chase is much happier now when he is in his car seat.

Thank you so much Dr. Sorrell!!


I have had back problems since the age of 12.  More recently I have had a flare-up in neck pain which resulted in almost constant pain in my hands.  It was very difficult to grip anything.  I thought I had arthritis in my hands.  The pain was enough to restrict one of my favorite activities, gardening.  It also made routine household jobs difficult.  I had physical therapy treatments at the direction of my general practitioner.  There were no x-rays taken to determine the actual problem.  The physical therapy helped, but I wanted long-term care for my neck & back.  Dr. Sorrell took x-rays and showed me the areas of my neck & back that were out of alignment.  The treatment plan has been well thought out.  I was so impressed with Dr. Sorrell and his staff.  Dr. Sorrell stays up to date on new procedures.  I also appreciated the amount of effort he made to find a good chiropractor in the city where my son attends college.  I am also bringing another child of mine to him for treatment.

I have had back problems ever since I was 12 years old, where at least twice a year my back would “go out” and I could hardly move.  I just lived with that for over 25 years until I severely pulled my back by improperly lifting in 2005 leaving me incapacitated for over 3 days.  I then knew that I needed some professional help to solve my lower back pain.  After learning what was happening with my spine and what was causing the pain, I knew that the treatment offered by Dr. Sorrell could actually work.  After weeks of treatments and home exercises I felt a lot better.  No more pains and no more worries.  I feel great and am more active.  With regular checkups and specific feedback from Dr. Sorrell to help solve my back problems I am able to focus of the important thing in life like my 2 year old daughter.

As I continue my periodic treatments with Dr. Sorrell, he and his staff make the experience very positive.  Dr. Sorrell and his staff really care about their patients and the service they provide.  There have been numerous times that, because of work schedules, I have had to take my daughter with me as I would get adjusted.  Dr. Sorrell and his staff have assisted me by sitting with my daughter and either reading a book, playing with the toys that Dr. Sorrell has in his office or just talking with her, allowing me to get the treatment that I needed.

I would highly recommend Dr. Sorrell and C&R Family Chiropractic Center to help relieve your pain and make you feel great again.

Steve Stephan

I have been in construction for 18 years and have had lower back problems for just as long.  2-4 times a year I would do something just a little wrong and would be laid up for a week or longer.  I have been to physical therapy numerous times and never really got relief.  Sometimes it seemed to only aggravate the situation.  Since the first injury I have also been plagued with sciatica.  Mostly always moderate, sometimes severe, and almost always present.  I have always just lived with the pain until now.  For the past 8 years I have also had reoccurring headaches that became very severe affecting the right side of my head.  The doctor attributed them to muscle spasms in my neck and treated them with muscle relaxers.  The meds had no effect and therefore I tried many different ones with no success.  I have not had any of the headaches since my 3rd week of chiropractic care.  Since coming to Dr. Sorrell on a regular basis I have been almost pain-free.  My back feels stronger, and no more pain shooting down my legs.  As an added bonus I have been sleeping soundly all through the night.  As far back as I can recall, I have always had trouble falling asleep, most times taking 1-1 ½ hours, and then waking up at least every hour, I figured I just had some sleep disorder, and would just have to deal with it.  Dr. Sorrell has fixed problems that other doctors either medicated or just treated the symptoms.  I would recommend his services to anyone who has not had success with conventional doctors treating any number of afflictions.  It is well worth it!!

I have had bad migraines for about 12 years.  I have tried all the medications out there for migraines.  I even went to a very famous headache clinic in Chicago and all they did was give me more pills with really bad side effects.  I was very frustrated, I had seen my primary care physician, a neurologist and then the clinic, lots of tests, MRI’s and CAT scans, all they could tell me was I was one of the unlucky people who got migraines!  I had had enough, I was getting 1-2 migraines a week that would last 1-2 days, nausea, sensitivity to light and noise, not to mention the pain from the headache itself.  I had no life, I couldn’t do anything.  I had remembered talking to a man that came in where I worked and he told me about his chiropractor, so I decided to try him, I’ve tried everything else.  So I came to see Dr. Sorrell.  I had tried another chiropractor a few years ago and he didn’t help me at all.  He really didn’t care.  Well, Dr. Sorrell does care! His treatment is different, he care about you!  He asks questions about how you are doing, he really gets to know you and what is going on with your health wise.  Believe it or not my headaches are going away!  I can’t believe it.  I haven’t had a migraine in almost 3 weeks and I have never, never gone that long without a migraine in the past 12years!  His treatments are working for me, and I am very thankful.  I feel better than I have in a long time.  My head feels clearer, I can think better.  And I must say the massages from Carol help a lot too.  She is awesome!  Anyway, I have more movement in my neck , and I haven’t had that in a long time either.  I just feel better all the way around.  I have also gotten off some of my headache medication and that is a real plus.  If it weren’t for Dr. Sorrell and his unique chiropractic treatment I’d probably be at home in bed with a migraine- but I’m not! 

Thank you Dr. Sorrell.

My daughter Jasmine has had chronic ear infections resulting in half a dozen surgeries, ear drum ruptures, etc.

Admittedly chiropractic was our last hope as “traditional medicine” had no answers.  Since coming to Dr. Sorrell, my daughter’s chronic problem has stopped- I only wish now we had tried this years ago.

Thank you Dr. Sorrell

Before I came to Dr. Sorrell I used to have terrible headaches at least 3 a week, along with neck and back pain.  I used to spend so much on pain pills it was crazy.  Then I saw Dr. Sorrell at an Expo and he told me what was going on, so I scheduled an appointment.  And from the x-rays I saw that my neck was out of line and really straight and coming here he was able to help with my aches and pains and it has been 3 months now and I have not had a headache caused by pain.  I feel so grateful for the work he has done to make me pain free.  I guess it was just fate that we were at the same place and time.

Thanks for everything.

Dear Dr. Ryan Sorrell

I felt the need to write you a letter of thanks.  You, Carol, and Kalee have become part of my family. 

When I first came to your office I had so many problems it was overwhelming.  Having 7 herniated disk and a shoulder that is inoperable from my car accident in 1995.  I have been forever changed with chronic pain and other issues that I deal with on a daily basis.

However one of the chronic pain issues, my tailbone pain seemed to be one of the most frustrating and I thought I would have to live with it for the rest of my life.  After your treatment my tailbone pain is gone.

Along with actually freeing me from one of the most frustrating pains, your treatment along with Carol’s therapy has made my life much more comfortable and allows me to enjoy my life more fully.

Thank you again for everything you and your staff has done and will do for me in the future.

Many Thanks

Sincerely, Ben Bulley

When I first came to Dr. Sorrell, I was in a lot of back pain.  It was very difficult for me to even get up in the morning.  Work was almost impossible.  Through the treatments and exercises, although I still have problems due to a heavy work load, my back heals itself much faster and gives me more confidence in knowing that I’m working towards curing a problem rather than just covering it up with drugs or other treatments.

It took more than one day to injure my back, so it goes without saying, I need more than one visit to correct it.  Thanks for everything to all at C&R.

I was suffering from headaches almost every day.  I tried pills and homeopathic remedies without success.

I started going to Dr. Sorrell.  Within two months my headaches have decreased by 90% at this time.

I walk around with greater freedom.  My outlook on life is much brighter.

Thank you Dr. Sorrell

I have been seeing Dr. Ryan for a little over 1 year.  I am a cancer survivor with lymphodema.  I have an annual checkup with my plastic surgeon to make sure everything with reconstruction is good and there are not any complications within.  When I went for my checkup December 4th, my doctor felt both sides under my arms and all around the implants and asked what I had done different in the past year compared to the 3 years prior because the puffiness from the lymphodema on the left side had virtually disappeared.  Even my arm and hand have less of the protein fluid buildup because Dr. Ryan presses on the trigger points.  It is very common for me to lose 1-2 pounds in fluid after an adjustment.  Massages also help with this process.

This testimonial is in addition to those I have written about the benefits to my back , neck, relief of headaches, and the fact that I now use far fewer inhalers.

Deb Walworth

A number of years ago a botched operation on my ulnar nerve resulted in a weakened and dysfunctional left hand.  Through Dr. Sorrell’s guidance and therapies I am gaining strength and greater use of my left hand.

My right shoulder drooped and required a pad for my suit coats to level off both shoulders.  Today I no longer need a pad, thanks to Dr. Sorrell’s procedures.

The massages given by Carol have recharged energy into my system.

I strongly recommend Dr. Sorrell as a gentle, caring, knowledgeable and skillful chiropractor.

Jerry O’Bee

About 20 years ago I sought the help of a chiropractor for my back.  My back after a few adjustments and loud cracks hurt even more. 

In 2006 my husband suggested I see Dr. Sorrell.  As a result of a totally new chiropractic experience, the pain and discomfort in my back, shoulder and neck have improved with more energy and spry step in my walking.

The feet I stand ion daily as a teacher need something also.  The instrument Dr. Sorrell uses on my spine he also uses on a smaller scale on the soles of both feet.  This has improved my mobility.

Dr. Sorrell’s expertise in the use of 21st century tools can help people feel better with a zest to move on.

Kathy O’Bee

I was forced to walk with a cane due to the fact that my leg wanted to give out on me and my hip hurt.  This had been going on and off for a year now.  When talking to my physician about the problem, he related it to the fact that I have arthritis in my knee.  He prescribed Motrin 800mg for pain.  Which,  I lived on.  I felt that it was not my knee at all because the pain was not coming from my knee but the side of my leg just before it wanted to give out.  So, I would use a cane to get around the school building with.

One day one of my coworkers asked me why I was using a cane.  I explained to her the problem and what the physician had said.  She looked at me and said, “You need to see my chiropractor!”  At the time I just smiled and walked away.  Knowing, she was probably right.  I had seen a chiropractor when I was much younger for help with my asthma.

Then one day my coworker gave me a business card for her chiropractor.  So with nothing to lose I made a call and set up my first visit.  Once all the x-rays were done I began treatment with Dr. Sorrell.  By my third visit to his office I no longer needed the cane to get around the school building.  I started making more trips to the office which is on the other side of the building.  People started noticing I was not using the cane and asked what had happened.  I just told them I was seeing a chiropractor. 

After about six weeks of treatment my hip stopped hurting and I was now climbing stairs that I once avoided.  I still need some treatment; my leg has felt like it wants to give out like once or twice.  But overall, I feel 100% better.  I have more energy and can do things for myself.  Laundry use to be a chore going up and down the stairs.  Now I enjoy doing laundry and can finish it in a day.  Since I am not constantly in pain, I am a much happier person.  (Grumpy or moody no longer living on Tylenol.)  It is so nice to enjoy the simple thing in life again!!  This is all thanks to Dr. Sorrell.

I started receiving adjustments from Dr. Sorrell approximately 2 months ago, upon seeing him at the Grand Rapids Home and Garden show.  In these 2 short months I have experienced amazing changes in my body.

I had been suffering from severe lower back pain for 8 years resulting from a fall down a flight of stairs.  I had tried physical therapy and had resigned myself to a lifetime of pain because it really hadn’t helped much.

I also had daily migraine type headaches and ringing in my ears for at least a year.  I also had broken my tailbone 8 months prior to seeing Dr. Sorrell and still could not sit for any length of time.  I was in pain 90% of the time.

After my first adjustment my headaches were gone and after the first week the ringing in my ears had completely stopped.  I had thought these were something I would have to grin and bear with Tylenol for the rest of my life!

I had not told Dr. Sorrell about my broken tailbone when I first came to him but he noticed me sitting funny and asked about it.  Then he did an adjustment on my tailbone and after just 1 treatment it improved and after 3 adjustments the pain is now gone.  I can sit through a movie or my daughter’s band concert without fidgeting and switching from cheek to cheek to remove the pain off my tailbone.  My tailbone is no longer swollen or irritated.  I often forget now that I even used to suffer as much as I did.

The lower back pain I suffered with for 8 years is now almost nonexistent.  I can play ball with my kids and take long walks now without it catching and dropping me to my knees.  I only have a few treatments to go in my program Dr. Sorrell set up for me.  My only regret is that I did not find him sooner.  I have a much great energy level and have also lost 18 pounds since I started my chiropractic care.

Thanks Dr. Sorrell

Heidi Darby

I was in a 100mph impact head on collision which broke many bones in my face and I had a brain injury.  For 11 years I have gone to 4 different doctors trying to find help for my headaches and back pain.  Most of the doctors said they couldn’t help me.  I gave up for a couple of year until a friend told me about Dr. Ryan.  I wasn’t much for chiropractors but thought I would give him a try.  After seeing Dr. Ryan I have been free of the headaches and the back pain is also better.  Let me tell you, I now believe in chiropractors.  I am now able to play with my children instead of being in a dark room in pain.

 I highly recommend Dr. Ryan.  He is a nice guy and he really cares for his patients.  I never realized the pain I was really in for so long until Dr. Ryan helped me.

Thank you Dr. Ryan

Sherry Dyke

I have had lower back pain on/off for years.  My neck also hurt at the bottom between my shoulder blades.  I have not sought treatment from anyone else.  The pain kept me from playing basketball and softball.  The treatment has relieved the pain and allowed me to be in comfort again.  I no longer have a “stiff” neck a lot.

I would recommend adjustments for anyone.  You do not have to take any medications for pain anymore.

Thank you very much!!

Kevin Dyke

The care I received from Dr. Sorrell far exceeded my expectations.  I have a reversed curve in my neck.  I realized that I had this condition when I began seeing Dr. Sorrell for neck pain and severe headaches.  With his knowledge and expertise, a program was instrumented to help me regain wellness and prevent degeneration. 

Dr. Sorrell’s treatment program has allowed me to sleep better at night, wake up feeling pain-free, get through the day without headaches, and to feel more energized overall.  I no longer am hindered by my pain.

The friendly, thorough care that Dr. Sorrell  and Carol provide is top-notch.  I recommend their services to anyone living in or with unnecessary pains.

Many Thanks

Kelly Beat

Before coming to C&R Family Chiropractic I used to feel lower back pain all the time.  Finally it got so bad I made the call.  Now that I am receiving regular treatments I no longer have lower back pain.  I can also identify where the true location of the pain is when something needs adjusting. 

Last winter was my first winter in many years that I did not come down with a cold or the flu.  C&F is flexible, always able to fit me in and greet me each time with a smile.  They take time to get to know their patients.

When I first went to see Dr. Sorrell, I could hardly move.  I couldn’t even sit down.  I was in so much pain from sciatica.

I saw a medical doctor on Monday 3-2-09 and he prescribed pain killers and a massage.  He said the pain would be gone in 4 days.  IT WASN’T.  I stopped taking the pain killers.  I saw Dr. Sorrell on 3-10-09 and my pain was completely gone after 3 adjustments to my lower back.

I do daycare, I couldn’t even pick up my babies and hold them.  Now I can pick up my babies, hold them, rock them and carry them up and down the stairs.  I will always see Dr. Sorrell for neck, back, and leg pain.  Chiropractic adjustments takes away the pain a lot better than drugs.

Lori Buell

My name is Shannon Cajic and I have been a patient of Dr. Ryan Sorrell at C&R Family Chiropractic Center for about 7 months now and I feel so much better today than I did 8 months ago.  My issues when I started the program ranged from relentless headaches for hours, severe lower, mid, and upper back pain, scoliosis of the spine, vertigo for hours, and earaches.  Today, I am free from those debilitating problems because of Dr. Ryan Sorrell, and his chiropractic therapy.  My issues started out mild years prior and manifested to manageable pain, and then finally I couldn’t take it anymore and had to seek treatment.  When you visit your general family practitioner they tend to want to manage your pain with medication, and not fix the problem.  I was skeptical at first about chiropractic service and was even scared.  I don’t like my bones to pop and crack, but I had reached the point where nothing mattered anymore and I had to get better no matter what the cost.  As it turned out the treatment is not that bad.  It’s not fun by any means, but it doesn’t hurt like you would think it would.  I was sore for a couple of days in the beginning due to my bones adjusting and getting back where they belong.  But accompanied with the massage appointments offered at C&R Family Chiropractic Center it made me relax, and calmed the muscles that were reacting to the manipulations.  Now, the manipulations feel good and it relieves any pressure building up in my back and neck.  I can feel that I move more freely and without any pain.  I highly recommend Dr. Ryan Sorrell and all that is offered at C&R Family Chiropractic Center.


Shannon Cajic

I had severe pain for many years in my back, neck and right hip.  I also suffered from sinus infection and allergies.  All the doctors I have seen during the years did not help the pain and suffering.

I had a hard time walking due to pain and it was very difficult to breath from being congested and having my nose plugged up.  After a few treatments from Dr. Sorrell, I was amazed how well I felt and was able to walk without pain.  I also was able to breath and not be congested.

Dr. Sorrell has helped me tremendously with my pain.  He listens to your problems and explains thoroughly about the treatments needed.  His best treatment is “its drug free”.

Dr. Sorrell is a man of integrity and I highly recommend him.

Karen Martinez

I have had arthritis for about 35 years.  The prescribed pills I was taking did nothing to relieve my pain.  I had constant pain on my left foot, right leg, hips, and lower back and hands.  In that span of time I saw several doctors to no avail.

I had difficulty walking, also getting out of my car, and using my hands for work was another problem.

After tree treatments by Dr. Sorrell the results were amazing, most of my pain had dropped to what I consider a very low level of pain.

Walking, getting out of the car or the use of my hands is no longer a pain issue.

Dr. Sorrell takes his time to listen to your concerns, explains and shows you on the wall spine chart where you have problems and what he is going to do for you.  He works on the cause of the problem verses regular doctors who try to help you with pills.

You will find that Dr. Sorrell is an honest and ethical person.

Nicolas Martinez

I started seeing Dr. Sorrell shortly after moving here from Kentucky.  I was suffering from lower back aches and right sciatic nerve pain.  Within the first few visits I noticed I was able to sit for longer periods of time without a flare up of pain.  I am now enjoying many of the activities I avoided due to the discomfort.  I still have occasional setbacks but I notice that I am recovering much quicker than I did in the past and the incidents are becoming fewer.

As a bonus, while visiting with Dr. Sorrell I mentioned my sinus headaches.  He began working on my sinuses and I have been able to decrease my prescription medication in half and plan to go off it soon.  He is also working with my TMJ problems that flare up on occasion.  He is able to relax those muscles almost immediately, and I am so pleased with the results.  Thank You!!!

I have suffered from very bad headaches for more than 30 years.  My mother and I always thought the headaches vary because of a series of things: allergies, bad eye sight, etc.  Other doctors prescribed different types of medicines, mainly, for my allergies and sinus issues.  I have been seen by at least 5 other doctors.  My headaches were so severe that I could not sleep on my back.  It was a challenge to get a good nights, restful, painless sleep.

Headaches had become a part of my daily life, since coming to Dr. Sorrell, those days of severe headaches are a thing of the past.  After only two sessions my headaches had diminished; after four sessions, my headaches were gone.  The transition was so smooth that I didn’t realize the pain was gone…it was such a profound moment to wake up and I didn’t have to hold my aching head in my hands while trying to get to the pill cabinet.  I shouted aloud “I don’t have a headache!”  I walked into Dr. Sorrell’s office with a big smile on my face and said again, “I don’t have a headache today!”  Not only are my headaches gone, I even have a little “pep” in my steps.

Dr. Sorrell’s method of treatment is very thorough.  I have been to other doctors/chiropractors but none of them used a series of different types of x-rays to look at your structure and alignment.  He discusses everything with you including you in the plan every step of the way.  Dr. Sorrell included massage therapy as a part of the treatment as well.  He even takes time to talk to you.  I feel he takes a holistic approach towards treating his patients; he works to heal the mind, the body, and the soul.

If more people could/would take control of their health by seeking out chiropractic services, our nation would be a more productive, less chemical dependent, a happy and healthy society.  No one should suffer when there is a way to relieve pain by chiropractic instead of pain killers which harm the body more than healing.

I met Dr. Sorrell at the Home and Builders show in March of 2008 where we spoke about how chiropractic services could potentially improve allergy related symptoms.  First, I want to tell you that I was not only someone who had never seen a chiropractor, I completely dismissed the practice.  After speaking to Dr. Sorrell, I thought I would give this a chance and see what it is all about.

The initial session was to have x-rays taken to identify area that need to be addressed.  I’ve had lower back stiffness but never had back issues of any kind.  My primary interest was how chiropractic treatment could benefit my allergy symptoms.

The x-rays identified an issue with my neck, the shape wasn’t correct and I had a kink that was about in the middle of my neck.  I proceeded to get my first treatment which included getting my neck cracked and putting everything back into the right position.  Honestly, that was a little unnerving the first time!!  Here’s where it got interesting! When I left after my first treatment, the first thing I notices was the soreness in my neck was gone and secondly, I could smell the flowers as I walked out the door.  When I came into the office, I couldn’t smell the flowers and after getting my neck adjusted, I could!!  The kink in my neck not only has an impact on my allergies; it affects my ability to smell.

Over the last year, I’ve tried to get into see Dr. Sorrell as much as possible but my schedule is difficult with frequent business travel.  Frequently I wake up with slight headaches that I have always written off to allergies which I now understand what is causing them.  A quick adjustment causes them to go away and stay away for a few weeks. 

In closing, I’m very thankful I gave Dr. Sorrell an opportunity to show me how chiropractic treatments could benefit me.  For me, it’s about quality of life and doing the things I love to do without neck stiffness or soreness.

Pete Fenner

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  • "I was in a very serious car accident October of 2004. I visited an MD & Neurologist for almost a year and had very little improvement even w/ physical therapy. When Dr. Sorrell opened his practice nearby I stopped in. Within a few weeks I could move my shoulders and neck farther than I had for over a year.I am now back at the gym, swimming. And I don't have a headache every day. I recommend trying chiropractic. It works for me."
    Pamela Johnston - Grand Rapids, MI

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