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What Is The Chiropractic Lifestyle?

The Chiropractic Lifestyle

This lifestyle has been around for 100+ years!  We have seen the benefits of this lifestyle in the elderly who have lived their lives this way from birth on up.  The difference's are phenomenal, including, more active lifestyles, less medications, less sickness and disease! 

Many times we catch ourselves just living for the moment, which is hazardous to your health.  Life is meant to be proactive, the more we work on ourselves today the easier life will be as we age.  Just as we invest in our retirement, we must invest in our health.  

Just because you feel healthy today doesn't mean you actually are.  Middle aged people between 35 and 50, who exercise daily and run marathons experience heart attacks!  Degeneration is seen in the spines of the same age group without them ever knowing it!  Why?  We can't always feel the internal issues our bodies are facing.  There are many stresses in our daily lives and our bodies have to adapt to these stresses, and none of us can escape stress!  So we must adopt a lifestyle that enables the body to efficiently handle these stresses!

Introducing the Chiropractic Lifestyle!  This incorporates a healthy nervous system, nutrition and exercise!  The 3 basic needs of the body.  We all know why we need proper nutrition and exercise, but what most of us do not realize is that a healthy nervous system is just as important if not the most important!  Why?  We'll  think of it like this for example, in one hand you have the body which is just flesh it does nothing on it's own, other than what it is told to do.  On the other hand you have the 3 main stresses in our environment, Physical, Biochemical, and Psychological.  The mediator is of course your Central Nervous System, through all your senses your body integrates all of these stresses and inputs them and then tells the body how to respond.  The body then adapts to the environment around it.  Now, if your body could not adapt then it becomes sick, diseased and dies!  Which I don't think anybody wants! 

By visiting a chiropractor, you are insuring that the spine, which protects the nervous system, is bio-mechanically sound and is not disrupting the nervous system from doing it's job at the highest level.  Not only do chiropractor's allow the nervous system to work the way it's supposed to, but we also maintain the integrity of the spine, keeping it flexible and slowing down the degenerative process!

The conviction of the chiropractor is so strong that we raise our families this way, have gone to prison for what we know is true, and stood up against tyranny upon our profession so that we can teach a different lifestyle.  We can either choose to work towards health or sit on the sidelines and become a participant in the sick care system.  It's always your choice!

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  • "I was in a very serious car accident October of 2004. I visited an MD & Neurologist for almost a year and had very little improvement even w/ physical therapy. When Dr. Sorrell opened his practice nearby I stopped in. Within a few weeks I could move my shoulders and neck farther than I had for over a year.I am now back at the gym, swimming. And I don't have a headache every day. I recommend trying chiropractic. It works for me."
    Pamela Johnston - Grand Rapids, MI

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